About MamaSing

BLS pic 4Why MamaSing?
There are many activities available for babies during the day and often activities for parents themselves happen in the evening when babies are sleeping.  MamaSing is designed to be a daytime singing group for adults, to which babies are welcomed as they will also benefit tremendously from the experience.

What are the benefits for adults?
For adults the benefits of MamaSing start with the obvious of becoming part of a group, making new friends, and the fun of having a good old sing song. In addition to this research now shows singing has proven health benefits. There are physical benefits such as increasing lung function from breathing more deeply, and sending more oxygen around the body improving circulation. There are also emotional benefits – when we sing our bodies release endorphins that are the chemicals which make us feel good, making MamaSing a great way to cope with those occasional baby blues, or just enjoy yourself.

What are the benefits for babies?
MamaSing is more than just a baby friendly environment. All the babies who come along will benefit simply by being there and experiencing regular musical activity.  We usually find babies are captivated when they first start coming.  It is well researched now that music aids development in babies particularly in terms of language, brain development, and also concentration. Also early communication between baby and mother is instinctively through cooing, crooning and musical vocalisations called “Motherese” which support the bonding between mother and baby.

What songs do you sing?
We try to make sure that there is something for everyone, and cover a broad repertoire including gospel, pop, soul, classical and traditional songs.

What do I actually ‘do’ with my baby during the session?
We recommend that you bring your baby in a sling or carrier of some kind. We recommend this both to ensure that the room is not filled with prams, and also so that baby can be contact with your body while you are singing. There will also be a few cushions and blankets available, but you may want to bring your own blanket for your baby’s comfort if you think you will need to put them down during the rehearsal. The best thing to ‘do’ with your baby though, is keep them close to you, and involved in your singing.

What if I don’t have a baby, can I still join?
Yes!  Absolutely!  We welcome everyone, all generations, with or without children.  We’ve had dads, grandparents, aunts and friends at our choirs.  All we ask is that you respect MamaSing is designed to celebrate the mother and baby bond, and that you actively support us in creating a baby friendly environment in our choirs. 

What if my baby starts crying?
As my antenatal teacher explained, babies don’t cry, they communicate. If your baby starts “communicating” during the rehearsal just see to their needs as you would in any other situation. We will carry on rehearsing and singing. If your little one can’t settle and their communications are becoming competitively loud then you may want to walk and bounce them a little. The main thing to remember is that it is a baby friendly environment, so nobody minds.

What if my baby needs changing?
Please just go ahead and change your baby, you don’t need to wait until we finish, the needs and comfort of your baby are paramount.

What if my baby needs feeding?
Please feel comfortable to feed your baby in your usual way during the rehearsal. Unfortunately there will be no bottle warming or sterilising facilities available though.