MamaSing comes to Devon

How very exciting, we have successfully relocated, and are now planning our first mamasing choir in Budleigh Salterton.   Mamasing is a group for women to come together and sing, in a baby friendly environment.  We sing pop, rock, world, gospel, soul, jazz, classical…. just about anything and everything.   You don’t need to be an experienced singer, or read music, you just need to have enthusiasm, and enjoy music.

Last year a research project found that singing in Mamasing choirs improved wellbeing for mums and babies.  The mothers in the study were more relaxed and felt energised after singing with Mamasing.  Not only this, it helped them connect with other mums, and feel part of a new community.  It wasn’t just the mums who benefited either, the mums used music much more in their daily life and in new ways to support their babies, for example they found songs from the choir were soothing for their babies and helped them sleep.

If you are a mum, or a mum to be in or around East Devon, and you fancy giving us a try email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.