Run Your Local Mama Sing!

group shotHow fabulous would it be to get mothers singing with their babies all over the country, creating beautiful music while experiencing all the wonderful benefits that come from singing!  Mama Sing provides this experience for mothers in a relaxed friendly environment.

Mama Sing choirs will shortly be available as a “choir in a box” enabling you to run your own one locally.

Perhaps you are:

– Already running your own baby group and want to broaden your programme
– A children’s centre worker and want to do something for new mums
– A nursery and want to do something for parents
– An NCT, post natal, or pram group who want to do something new together
– A community choir leader looking for a daytime choir to run
– A musician who recently became a parent and want to do something for mums
– A health visitor looking for a new activity to help with post natal depression
Or perhaps you are just someone that has always loved singing and want to do something different.

The Mama Sing package is versatile and easy enough for a wide variety of people to run their own Mother and Baby choirs.  It is also flexible enough to fit in with existing mother and baby groups and has virtually no equipment so can run from a range of different venues.

There are hundreds of baby and toddler groups out there.  Mama Sing offers something for the parents too.  If you are musical, baby-friendly, enthusiastic, and have the drive and initiative to run your own business, then you could become the next Mama Sing leader!

To find out more about becoming a Mama Sing leader and running the package please click below and complete the form.  We will then contact you with a password to more detailed information.

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